Why should the fresh pulp of aloe vera be stabilized?

Precisely because in contact with air and light, this pulp quickly loses its properties. It must therefore be treated promptly after its collection in order to imprison all its active ingredients. The Aloe vera pulp stabilization process, unique to Forever, ensures the freshness of the aloe while avoiding manipulations such as irradiation, dehydration, freezing, pasteurisation or reconstitution.

At Forever Living, we offer fresh, stabilized aloe vera pulp that is recognizable thanks to its gelatinous and translucent texture. Thus, if the aloe product is green, it is because it has been colored and possibly reconstituted.

Want to drink fresh Aloe Vera pulp?

In order to prevent rare intolerances or allergy to the product, we recommend a skin test (for example, applying a little topical stabilized pulp inside the forearm).

Start the internal take (in the form of a drink) taking, on the first day, 1 tablespoon of fresh pulp of aloe vera Forever. On the second day, take another spoon at a time, but renew 2 or 3 times a day, before, after or between meals. If no sign appears on the third day, take 15 to 60 ml of pulp in one or two doses according to taste. The key to success is the ability to take the fresh pulp of Aloe vera every day for at least 2 consecutive months before it can realize all the benefits.

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