Christine & Jean JacquesWe can all remember a moment when we had a life-changing encounter. For us, it came at a time when life was sending challenging messages through grief and illness. A close friend came along and presented Forever products as a possible solution to help us in these difficult times. We first started by developing the habit of drinking aloe vera gel everyday. After only a few weeks, we were able to see how our general wellness, stress resistance and stamina were improved. We even thought that our little girl could beneficiate from it: so she, too, began to drink aloe vera and never missed a day in school since then!


By then, our curiosity toward all other Forever products had grown and we began to have a closer look to the company itself to finally make the decision millions before us had make: we decided to join Forever Living Products and became entrepreneurs.

We took advantage of all training seminars (in person and on the web site) and read a lot about all products, developing both knowledge and confidence in this new business. A big moment for us was the time we attended, in 2014, the Global Rallye in London, UK. More than 20 000 FBOs, coming from all over the world, gathered in the O2 Centre…what a tremendous demonstration of the power of this business! The profit sharing checks that were given to those excited, proud and passionate FBOs were certainly an inspiration for us.


DallasIn the summer of 2015, we took another trip to visit Aloe Vera of America, in Dallas, Texas, where all the aloe products are developed and made. At this moment, if we had questions about the quality of the products, we were able to see by ourselves what “made by pharmaceutical standards” really meant at Forever!

Since then, we work everyday to promote Forever Living Products in the Quebec province and everywhere we go in the world. We do bring new solutions to people looking for alternative solutions in their life.


We developed our leadership as we instilled dynamism to all the people who choose to join our team, because this is what we want to be for others now: a decisive encounter in the life of the people we meet.

We sincerely hope that you will join us in this incredible journey… See you soon!